OSRS #10 - SERIES FINALE - BigDaveSports & Team BSM

May 22, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 5 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 5 
RideNet Development Team 
Women 3-4 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 4 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 5 
New Hampshire Cycling Club 
Cat 3 
  Danny "Diesel" Alarcon: 5th, Cat 5
Danny "Diesel" Alarcon
Great race today and the weather was perfect. What a great way to finish the series finale. Thanks for the advice Real Deal as I saved my energy for the end and felt good from beginning to end!
  Walter "Dodgeball" Thorn: 7th, Cat 5
Walter "Dodgeball" Thorn
Last OSRS race, Cat 5 was split into two groups for the race. Field was split in half after the climb on the second lap. Ended with a field sprint for the finish.
  Duncan "Braveheart" Russell: 18th, Cat 4
Duncan "Braveheart" Russell
Scotsmen are definitely not designed to function in >85oF weather! Felt alright till the whole pack got stuck behind a tractor with about 8 miles to go, and we were neutralized for 15 minutes. After that I started to cramp up majorly then totally seized up when the sprint kicked in at 500m. Totally spent by the end... ready for a wee rest now the road deason is done!
  Chris Wamsley: 23rd, Cat 5
Chris Wamsley
This was my third race this season and I felt there was improvement each race so I feel I had a minor accomplishment this spring.

For the first time this season I didn't feel rushed prior to the race. I had time to drive the course and time to warm up. I would have liked a few more minutes and miles but can't complain too much.

Like my first race I was lined up too far back but Diesel and I made short work of the field working our way up to the top 10 positions or so. I felt it was my best placement in the peloton this season so the previous races are paying off. However, shortly before the first climb I realized too many people were passing me in making their way up front. Due to the pre-drive of the course I knew exactly what was happening and what I needed to do. I spent the next mile working my way back up front as far as possible. I felt I was in a great position, however some people in front of me went off the road into the ditch. Myself and another racer right beside me locked up the rear wheel and went a little sideways. My mountain biking at Mohican from the previous weekend paid off as my bike handling took over and I stayed upright. Unfortunately, the damage was done and I was off the back. I worked to catch the peloton and caught and passed a few people but to no avail. Eventually a few others caught me and we worked together the remainder of the race.

Cramps set in on the final lap and my pace slowed the last few miles but I managed to finish and felt I gained more experience in this race to apply to the future.

Looking forward to throwing a couple of mountain bike races into the mix here in the short term. I wish there was an Ohio Summer Road Series!
  Pete Czerwinski: Field, Cat 3
Pete Czerwinski
Everybody pretty much stayed together. Bunch sprint at the end. With my sprinting ability, I was in the back of the pack.