OSRS #8 - St. Peters (don't call us St Leon) - BigDaveSports

May 8, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
RideNet Development Team 
Women 3-4 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 4 
BSM Cycling 
Cat 1-2-3 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 3 
  Duncan "Braveheart" Russell: 9th, Cat 4
Duncan "Braveheart" Russell
Definitely one of the hardest races this year. On the 2nd time up the hill, the strong guys set a crazy pace and split things up. Found myself in a small group of 5 that put in a massive effort to bridge up over about 4miles. The 3rd time up the hill was a more sensible pace and the group took it easy on the flats. We slowed enough to let 5 or 6 guys back on, but the final time up the hill was enough to make you vomit. A group of 8 opened enough of a gap, and had just enough to hold on for 9th.
  Mike Schena: 17th, Cat 1-2-3
Mike Schena
Great learning experience today. It was fun to race with those guys. During the second lap I noticed my tire was going soft. By the top of the climb it was too soft to ride. I stopped at the finish line and a nice person got a pump out of their car for me. We pumped the tire up to 160 PSI and hoped for the best. I latched on to a group to hopefully finish out the race. Got plenty of candid free advice from one of the more experienced riders. Tire was soft again by the 3rd lap. Probably should have dropped out but I am stubborn. Hopefully didn't do any damage to my rim.
  Tony "Mini Deal" Viton: Crash, Cat 3
Tony "Mini Deal" Viton
Ouch. See you in 4 weeks.